Rapini Pesto in Sunflower Oil

Neapolitan Broccoli (Friarièlli) 70%
Sunflower oil
Sea salt
Garlic, chili pepper
Acidifier: citric acid.
Category: The pestos

Additional information

Neapolitan Broccoli (Friariéllo)
Source areaVesuvian/Pomigliano/Nola countryside - Italy
Nutritional IntakeVery high content of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron. The fresh vegetable is rich in vitamin B (B1, B2), vitamin C and many flavonoids and derivates (like quercitine). It is characterized by bitterish taste thanks to glucosinolate, which is antioxidant for man and phyto-colouring for the plant.
Period of transformationFrom the second week of October to the first week of April
TriviaThe word “friariello” may derive from Castillan “friogrelos”, which means “winter broccoli”. Also, it might arise from “frijere”, which in Neapolitan means “to fry”. Anyway, there’s a strong connection between this vegetable and the city of Napoli: as a matter of fact, until the XVII century, Neapolitans were called “magnafoglie” (literally “leaf-eaters”), because of the intensive friarielli cultivation on the Vomero Hill (so called “ ‘o colle d’e friarielli, the friarielli’s hill), as well as for its wide culinary use, since this vegetable was poor and affordable to everyone.