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In the late 1960’s Ciro Pentella, a known and respected trader from Somma Vesuviana (as well as the grandfather of the current partners of Sole e Terra del Vesuvio LLC), based on what he had experienced abroad during World War II, decided to plant the first cultivation of mushrooms in Somma Vesuviana. To do this, he exploited the natural cavity of some caves situated on the boundary walls of Rione Casamale: the first plantation of Champignon mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus) in the South of Italy was born.

DURING THE  1990’s

Domenico Nocerino, Ciro Pentella’s son-in-law, starts the production of the Pleurotus Ostreatus mushroom on an industrial scale.

In 1994

with his daughter Rosamaria, he starts to manufacture the first mushrooms in oil.

JUNE 2006

The company Sole e Terra del Vesuvio was born. It will grow up to become Sole e Terra del Vesuvio, LLC of the Nocerino brothers, Michele and Rosamaria, in July 2014.