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Neapolitan Curly Pepper in Soft Brine with Wine Vinegar

Neapolitan Curly Pepper 60%
Wine vinegar
Sea salt
Acidifier: citric acid – Antioxidant ascorbic acid.
Category: The naturals

Additional information

Neapolitan Curly Pepper
Source areaPomigliano/Brusciano countryside – Italy
Nutritional IntakeVegetable with good content of potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and sodium. The fresh vegetable is rich in glucose, sucrose and soluble fiber, vitamin A, B6, E, J, K1 carotenoids like
β-carotene, capsanthin, capsorubin, lutein and zeaxanthin. Among the antioxidants, we have a good amount of polyphenols like ellagic acid. Capsaicin (1,5% weight) gives spiciness to its seeds.
Period of transformationFrom the second week of August to the third week of September
TriviaThe ethymological development of this pepper’s name derives from vulgar Latin: “pipiricella” (little pepper)> paparicella>paparcella>papacella, up to the current name “papaccella”.
Each color means a different taste:
GREEN: green peppers are less mature and rich in chlorophyll, magnesium, pectin and polysaccharides which nourish and support the plant.
RED: antocyanic concentrations and lycopene give this bright color to the vegetable, full of antioxidant properties.
YELLOW: rich in carotenoids, phyto-colorants and antioxidants.